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Course coordinator: W.M. Wysocki, PL

The collaboration between European School of Oncology and Medycyna Praktyczna – Onkologia journal resulted in the organization of the Clinical Oncology Update – Onkologia conference in Kraków, Poland. During previous editions of Clinical Oncology Update Conference, the international faculty, with leading experts in the respective fields, practical aspects of the lectures, printed educational materials, interactive clinical problem solving with electronic voting system and attractions of the beautiful Kraków attracted many participants from 10 different countries, mainly Central and Eastern European. In May 2012 the 4th Clinical Oncology Update conference will take place. In reference to the conference, European School of Oncology, Medycyna Praktyczna and private funders established Fryderyk Teodor Oehme Travel Grant, with intention to support young oncologist from Central and Eastern Europe (excluding Poland) to come to the conference. In the last 2 years 16 oncologists received this travel grant.
The Clinical Oncology Update Conferences were very well received by oncologists in Poland and abroad. The forthcoming conference will include thyroid carcinoma, breast carcinoma, hematological malignancies, skin malignancies and many other topics.
We cordially invite you to come to Kraków in May 2012.

• to summarize the most important advances in the field of thyroid, breast, skin and lung cancer
• to discuss the utility of modern molecular biology in the treatment of the most frequent malignancies
• to discuss changing epidemiology of malignancies and its influence on patients profile in the coming years in Central and Eastern Europe

• current trends in cancer epidemiology in Central and Eastern European countries
• modern approach to thyroid malignancies
• breast tumor preclinical diagnostic algorithms
• skin malignancies, including non-melanoma skin carcinomas and precancerous lesions
• modern approach to common and infrequent hematological malignancies

General information

Joanna Stachura
Medycyna Praktyczna
Kraków, Poland
tel. 0048 12 29 34 174

Manggha Museum

M. Konopnickiej 26

Physicians from the following countries may apply for the Fryderyk Teodor Ohme Travel Grant: Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovak Republic, Ukraine.
The 2012 Oehme Travel Grant will consist of: free registration to the conference, Two nights accomodation in Kraków (11th - 13th May), invitation to the faculty dinner on 11th May, 100 Euro as a partial reimboursment of travel expenses.
The deadline for applying is 29 February 2012.
Fryderyk Teodor Ohme was a Polish surgeon of German origin, who in 1773 performed the very first documented mastectomy in the territory of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in a beautiful palace in the town of Nieswiez, located in todays Belarus. He personalizes unique combination of history of breast cancer surgery and history of Central and Eastern Europe.
To apply ckick here


11 May

During the 4th Clinical Oncology Update Conference we would like to invite you to the interdisciplinary breast cancer diagnostic workshops, which proved very successful last year. In this year's editition, the workshop programme will include such topics as lymph node diagnosis and special cases in breast cancer diagnosis (e.g., follow-up and postoperative changes).


12 May


Opening, Oehme Travel Grant awarding ceremony
W. Wysocki, PL


ESO interactive teaching – e-GroundRound every Thursday online

  9:15What's new in the systemic treatment of soft tissue sarcomas?
P. Rutkowski, PL

Treatment of brain metastases – current standards and emerging therapeutic options
R. Soffietti, IT


Current systematic treatment of colorectal cancer 
C.H. Köhne, DE


Current treatment options in lymphomas – new drugs, new algorithms?
M. Dreyling, DE


Satellite session
13:15 Diagnosis of thyroid nodules: endocrinological perspective
B. Jarząb, PL


Diagnosis of thyroid nodules: sonographical perspective
K. Walas, PL

14:10Diagnosis of thyroid nodules: pathological perspective
14:30Satellite session


Pleural fluid accumulations – practical remarks for oncologists
J. Kużdżał, PL
15:45Common skin non-melanoma lesions – illustrated differential diagnosis guide for oncologists


Advanced melanoma – recommended strategy for node positive or metastatic disease
A. van Akkooi, NL


 Programme is subject to change