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6th ESO-SIOP Europe Masterclass in Paediatric Oncology

30 ESCO credits

11.06.2016  -  16.06.2016

Berlin, Germany


Paediatric oncology


Chairs: R. Riccardi, IT - A. Eggert, DE - B. Morland, UK

ESO and SIOP-Europe are pleased to announce the sixth Masterclass in Paediatric Oncology. This clinically-oriented educational programme has been designed for young paediatric oncologists who wish to improve their skills in clinical management of common childhood tumours. It is designed to offer a unique learning experience, providing practice-oriented training and the teaching sessions will focus on the application of the most recent research findings to clinical practice.

• Improve knowledge in the field
• Improve skills in dealing with cancer problems as a whole
• Improve knowledge of current clinical practice and state-of-the-art treatment

• Central nervous system tumours
• Neuroblastoma
• Soft-tissue sarcoma
• Bone tumours
• Wilms’ tumour
• Rare tumours
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL)

The Masterclass in Paediatric Oncology is an ESO-SIOP Europe joint event

ESO is particularly grateful to the following organisation for its support:


General information

Alexandra Zampetti and Dolores Knupfer
European School of Oncology (ESO)             
Piazza Indipendenza, 2                   
6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland                   
Email: azampetti@eso.net or dknupfer@eso.net
Tel: +41 91 820 09 52/54

Application for CME recognition will be submitted to the Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe (ACOE) and to the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME), an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS).
EACCME credits are recognised by the American Medical Association towards the Physician’s Recognition Award (PRA).
Information on the status of the applications can be obtained from the organising secretariat.
Participants will receive their certificate of attendance via e-mail after on completion of the evaluation form.

Faculty list

S. Ayme, Orphanet, INSERM US14, Paris, FR
S. Bielack, Olgahospital, Dept. of Oncology, Stuttgart, DE
G. Bisogno, Onco-heamatology Clinic, Department of Paediatrics, Padova, IT
A. Eggert, Charité - Berlin University, Department of Paediatric Oncology/ Haematology, Berlin, DE    
D. Ford, University Hospitals Birmingham, UK
J. Gatta
, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei  Tumori, Milan, IT
J. Grill, Institut Gustave Roussy, Department of Pediatrics, Villejuif, FR
D. Körholz, University of Giessen, Giessen, DE
V. Laurence
, Institut Curie, Paris, FR
B. Morland,  Birmingham Childrens’ Hospital, Birmingham, UK
D. Orbach, Institut Curie, Paediatric Department, Paris, FR
R. Riccardi, Policlinico Universitario A. Gemelli, Div. of Paediatric Oncology, Roma, IT
D. Schneider, Klinikum Dortmund, Children’s Department, Dortmund, DE
M. Schrappe, University of Kiel, Department of Paediatrics, Kiel, DE
T. Simon, University of Köln, Köln, DE
F. Spreafico
, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei  Tumori, Milan, IT



 11 June






  Welcome from the Chairs followed by dinner 


 12 June

8:00   Registration     
 8:30   Multiple choice pre-test 
Session leader: S. Bielack, DE
 9:00   Osteosarcoma and Ewing sarcoma: Presentation, diagnostic and therapeutic approaches   
S. Bielack, DE
 11:00   Coffee break     
 11:30   Case presentations
 12:30   Lunch break                
Session leader: R. Riccardi, IT
 13:45   Molecular genetics of medulloblastoma:  improving treatment results of a heterogeneous disease   
R. Riccardi, IT
 14:15   Molecular determinant of therapy in pediatric high-grade gliomas (including DIPG)   
J. Grill, FR
 14:45   Low grade gliomas:  how to manage a tumor that is not a cancer?   
J. Grill, FR
 15:15   CNS Tumours Discussion   
 16:00   Coffee break
 16:30   Case presentations     
 17:30   Ependymomas in infants, children and adolescents:  what is beyond radiation therapy?   
J. Grill, FR
 18:30   Case presentations


 13 June

Session leader: A. Eggert, DE
8:00   State-of-the-Art in neuroblastoma therapy      
T. Simon, DE     
9:00   On the way to personalized medicine approaches in neuroblastoma diagnostics and treatment    
A. Eggert, DE
10:00   Coffee break    

10:30   Case presentations    

11:30   Keynote lecture Personalized Medicine Trials
A. Eggert, DE   
12:30   Lunch break

  Group transfer to Berlin center for free afternoon  


 14 June


Session leader: G. Bisogno, IT

8:00   Rhabdomyosarcoma   
G. Bisogno, IT  

9:00   Non Rhabdo Soft Tissue Sarcoma   
D. Orbach, FR
10:00   Questions and discussion   
D. Orbach, FR
10:15   Coffee break  
10:45   Key note lecture Early phase studies    
B. Morland, UK
11:45   Case presentations 

13:00   Lunch break   
14:00   Case presentations             
15:00   Key note lecture Risk-adapted stratification and treatment in childhood ALL today    
M. Schrappe, DE
16:00   Coffee break    

 16:30   Overview: Hodgkin's Lymphoma    
D. Körholz, DE
 17:30   Keynote lecture Radiobiology and radiotherapy techniques   
D. Ford, UK
 18:30   Case presentations

 20:00   Dinner     


 15 June

8:00   Keynote lecture Problems and solutions in the treatment of teenagers and young adults with cancer   
V. Laurence, FR


  Key note lecture Pediatric Cancer Epidemiology in Europe   
G. Gatta, IT
10:00   Case presentations    

11:00   Coffee break 

11:30   Case presentations   

12:00   Key note lecture Survivorship/Late Effects   
R. Skinner, UK
13:00   Lunch  

 14:00   Case presentations              
Session leader: B. Morland, UK   
 14:30   Introduction to rare tumours    
S. Ayme, FR
15:00   Germ Cell Tumours   
D. Schneider, DE
15:45   Hepatoblastoma    
B. Morland, UK
Coffee break
17:00   Case presentations    

20:00   BBQ Dinner  


 16 June

8:00   Wilms Tumour    
Overview of renal tumours of childhood and approaches to treatment of Wilms tumour     

F. Spreafico, IT      
9:30   Case presentations   

10:45   Brunch  

11:30   Case presentations   
12:15   Multiple choice test   
 12:45   Discussion and closure 

 13:30   Group transfer from hotel to airport