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Course director: A. Dietz, DE
Organising committee: C. Mozet, DE - A. Boehm, DE - R. Wyrwas, DE - J. Kipry, DE -  J. Leupold, DE

The four-day course of systematic presentation of head and neck oncology focuses on current concepts in surgery, radiation oncology and medical oncology. The programme includes lectures, workshops, active cadaver preparations and life surgery. The course delivers current knowledge about standard procedures and controversies in head and neck oncology like adjuvant treatment, induction chemotherapy, organ preservation and de-escalation concepts in HPV positive oropharyngeal cancer. Furthermore, functional aspects and surgical/phoniatric rehabilitation will be addressed. Participants are integrated in active interdisciplinary discussions. Teaching in cadaver resections includes systematic in neck dissection, laryngeal partial resection techniques and surgery and approaches to different sites of head and neck. The course will therefore deliver concepts and raise awareness of evidence-based modern head and neck oncology.

• Head and neck surgery
• Neck dissection
• Reconstructive surgery
• Multimodality treatment
• Chemotherapy
• Adjuvant post-operative treatment
• Organ preservation

The course is held in cooperation with: 
Furthermore the course is recommended by:  
 European Laryngological Society (ELS)
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Phoniatrie und Pädaudiologie (DGPP)
European Head & Neck Society (EHNS)
Union of the European Phoniatricians (UEP)
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Onkologie der deutschen Gesellschaft für Hals-Nasen-Ohrenheilkunde, Kopf- und Halschirurgie
Deutsche Akademie für Hals-Nasen-Ohren-Heilkunde, Kopf- und Hals-Chirurgie (DAHNO)

General information

Universitätsklinikum Leipzig
Department of Head Medicine and Oral health
Klinik und Poliklinik für Hals-, Nasen- und Ohrenheilkunde
Direktor: Prof. Dr. med. Andreas Dietz
Liebigstraße 12
04103 Leipzig

Organising committee
• PD Dr. Christian Mozet
• Dr. Andreas Boehm
• Romy Wyrwas
• Julia Kipry
• Julia Leupold

Mrs. Romy Wyrwas
Secretary ENT-Department / Chefsekretärin
Tel: +49 (0) 341 9721700
Fax: +49 (0) 341 9721709

Mrs. Julia Leupold

Universitätsklinikum Leipzig AöR
Department of Head Medicine and Oral Health
Building 1 (Eye Center; Ear, Nose and Throat Division ENT); Maxillofacial Surgery; Dentistry)
Lecture hall, Liebigstraße 10-14,
04103 Leipzig, Germany

By public transport
Tram: Straßenbahn 2, 9 or 16 - Bayerischer Bahnhof Station
Bus: Bus 60 - Johannisallee Station
Train: Zug S5X - Bayerischer Bahnhof Station

By car

• Using the A9 and A14, following the signs to Zentrum and Universitätsklinikum

Car Parking
Parkhaus Brüderstraße 59 (VINCI)

Further details can be found on the flyer that can be downloaded here or at http://hno.uniklinikum-leipzig.de



Faculty list


P. Ambrosch, ENT, Kiel, DE
K. Behrends, Anesthesia, Leipzig, DE
I. Bechmann, Anatomy, Leipzig, DE
A. Boehm, ENT, Leipzig, DE
V. Chrobok, ENT, Hradec Králové, CZ
A. Dietz, University of Leipzig Hospitals and Clinics, Leipzig, DE
M. Fuchs
, Phoniatrics, Leipzig, DE
W. Golusinski, ENT, Poznan, PL
T. Hierl, MaxFac., Leipzig, DE
T. Hofmann, ENT, Ulm, DE
S. Hosal, ENT, Ankara, TR
F. de Jong, Phoniatrics, Loewen, BE
J. Keszte, Psychology, Leipzig, DE
P. Klussmann, ENT, Giessen, DE
M. Knödler, Onkologie, Leipzig, DE
T. Kuhnt, RadOncol., Leipzig, DE
R. Leemans, ENT, Amsterdam, NL
F. Lordick, Oncology, Leipzig, DE
H. Mehanna, ENT, Birmingham, UK
A. Mehnert, Psychoonkology, Leipzig, DE
S. Meuret, Phoniatrics, Leipzig, DE
S. Parmar, MaxFac., Birmingham, UK
U. Schröder, ENT, Lübeck, DE
P. Stumpp, Radiology, Leipzig, DE
L. Tamás, ENT, Budapest, HU
D. Thurnher, ENT, Graz, AT
J.B. Vermorken, Oncology, Antwerpen, BE
C. Wittekind, Pathology, Leipzig, DE




 5 April

Practical training for FEES
(fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing)

S. Meuret, DE and M. Fuchs, DE
14:15 Lecture: Diagnostics of normal swallowing function and

15:00  Instruction: Demonstration of the FEES technique
15:15 Training: Hands-on mutual training of FEES (participants)
16:00 Break
16:30 Instruction: FEES in patients with head neck cancer       
17:00   Training: Evaluation of FEES videos
17:30 Lecture: Therapy of dysphagia
 Wrap up


 6 April

 Welcome reception and short introduction of the course programme      F. Lordick, DE (on behalf of the German Cancer Society and UCCL Leipzig); A. Dietz, DE; M. Fuchs, DE and R. Leemans, NL (on behalf of the European Head and Neck Society)    
Principles in functional anatomy and physiology of the head and neck area and adjacent structures
9:00 Surgical anatomy in head and neck area
C. Mozet, DE
9:45 Principles in function of voice in context of head and neck cancer treatment
F. de Jong, BE
10:30 Swallowing - central function for quality of life
M. Fuch, DE
11:00 Break

Fundamental basics in oncology of Head and Neck Cancer

11:30 Characteristics of pathology in Head and Neck tumors     
C. Wittekin, DE
12:15 Clinical and pathological TNM staging
V. Chrobok, CZ
  Computer assisted management in multidisciplinary tumor board decision making
A. Boehm, DE
13:30 Lunch


Principles in antineoplastic chemo- and targeted therapy
F. Lordick, DE and M. Knödler, DE            

14:45  Place of primary surgery in different sites
R. Leemans, NL
15:30 Psycho oncological aspects in Head and Neck Oncology
A. Mehnert, DE and J. Keszt, DE
16:30   CT/MRT; PET fusion - new aspects and current evidence in head and neck imaging 
P. Stumpp, DE
 17:15 Tumorboard in Plenum 
Moderation: C. Mozet
Experts: R. Leemans, NL; F. Lordick, DE; T. Kuhnt, DE; F. de Jong, BE; U. Schröder, DE; T. Hoffmann, DE; P. Klussmann, DE; V. Chrobokand, DE and L. Tamás, HU
 18:30 Closing remarks


 7 April

8:00 Difficult airways in head and neck anaesthesiology     
K. Behrends, DE
Live surgery, head and neck cases    
 Moderated live surgery
 12:00  Lunch
Head and Neck Surgery: Larynx/Pharynx
13:00 Larynx preservation surgery, conventional partial resection techniques
U. Schröder, DE
13:45  Transoral Laser Microsurgery
P. Ambrosch, DE
14:30 Laryngectomy and ablative surgery: is there still a place?
L. Tamás, HU
15:15 Surgery after primary radiation or chemo radiation: what the surgeon has to know
H. Mehanna, UK
16:00  Break

16:30 Workshops

  Workshop I (until 18:00)
Open partial larynx resection
U. Schröder, DE and L. Tamás, HU
  Workshop II (until 18:00)
Technical issues Neck dissection
D. Thurnher, DE and C. Mozet, DE
  Workshop III (until 18:00)
Rehabilitation of voice and function
F. de Jong, BE and S. Meuret, DE
19:30 Official Dinner Party     
Restaurant "Bayerischer Bahnhof", Bayrischer Platz 1, Leipzig       


 8 April

Head and Neck Surgery: oral cavity/Oropharynx


Indications and techniques for surgical treatment in involvement of jaw and maxilla
T. Hier, DE

 Limits and possibilities in surgical treatment of the oropharynx including base of tongue
W. Golusinski, PL
9:30 TORS; new developments in transoral surgery
T. Hoffmann, DE
10:15 Live surgery, head and neck cases
12:00 Lunch

Head and Neck Surgery / Oncology: Oropharynx 
13:00  HPV in head and neck oncology: current view of biological background
G. Wichmann, DE
13:30  HPV16 positivity: Surgery or non surgical treatment - is there a place for deescalation?
P. Klussmann, DE
14:15  Role of induction chemotherapy
J.B. Vermorken, BE
 Primary and adjuvant radiotherapy: HPV, improving late outcome, place of deescalation
T. Kuhnt, DE
Plastic reconstructive surgery in head and neck/Quality of life    
 16:15  Consequent preparation in Neck dissection
D. Thurnher, DE
 Special issues in salvage surgery; what the surgeon has to know
S. Hosal, DE
 Useful spectrum of flaps in head and neck reconstruction
S. Parmar, UK

Closing remarks

  Visit and Demonstration ISTT at HTWK Leipzig
20:00 Welcome and introduction of ISTT
W. Korb, DE
 Demonstration and practical hands on: Panendoscopy Training System
A. Boehm, DE and J. Hafez, DE
21:30 Closing remarks
W. Korb, DE
  Faculty Dinner    


 9 April

Surgical training Anatomy (limited number of applicants) 
Structured training in neck dissection, head and neck approaches and partial larynx resections  
Introduction in anatomical surgery of the neck and larynx/hypopharynx
I. Bechmann

Preparation skills in cadavers
Trainers: A. Dietz, F. de Jong, U. Schröder, C. Mozet, A. Boehm
Farewell, certificates