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4th ESO Lung Cancer Observatory: innovation and care in the next 12 months

Not eligible for ESCO credits


Geneva, Switzerland


Lung cancer


Chairs: M.S. Aapro, CH - E. Felip, ES

The European School of Oncology is pleased to announce the 4th edition of "ESO Lung Cancer Observatory: innovation and care in the next 12 months", which will be held during the ELCC 2017 European Lung Cancer Conference on May 7 in Geneva, chaired by Dr. M.S Aapro and Dr. E. Felip, ES. The scope of the session is to provide the participants with a take home message on what they can expect to happen in the prostate cancer field in the next 12 months.

The Observatory will be held during the

General information

Daniela Mengato
European School of Oncology
Via Turati 29
20121, Milan, Italy

30 Route François-Peyrot
1218 Le Grand-Saconnex

Attendance is granted to all participants registered to the ELCC 2017 European Lung Cancer Conference.



Faculty list

M.S. Aapro, Clinique de Genolier, Geneva, CH
C. Adams, Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), Geneva, CH
H. de Koning, Erasmus University Rotterdam, NL
E. Felip, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, ES
F. Johansson, Swedish Lung Cancer Association “Stodet”, Stockholm, SE
K. Kerr, Abardeen Royal Infirmary, Foresterhill, Abardeen, UK
F. Mornex, Centre Hospitalier Lyon Sud, FR
U. Pastorino, Istituto Nazionale per lo Studio e la Cura dei Tumori, Milano, IT



16:45 - 18:15 - Palexpo, Room W
Prevention: are we progressing in anti-tobacco campaigns in the world?
C. Adams, CH
Screening: where will it be in 2018?
H. de Koning, NL
Surgery or radiation: when is it a choice?
U. Pastorino, IT
Radiation oncology: will guidelines change?
F. Mornex, FR
What to ask your pathologist today and in 2018?
K. Kerr, UK
Developments in medical oncology: what practice changing studies will mature in 2018?
E. Felip, ES
The patient’s perspective
F. Johansson, SE