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Chairs: A. Cervantes, ES - N. Pavlidis, GR - R.A. Stahel, CH
Scientific Co-ordinators: M. Aapro, CH - F. Cardoso, PT

The Masterclass is the most structured ESO educational activity whose format has been established and presented in Europe for over a decade. The success of the teaching method has been confirmed by the events held also in other parts of the world as well as by the three editions held in Latin America. It is with pleasure and gratefulness for the consideration of the local community, that ESO announces the fourth edition to be held in the region in 2018.
The Masterclass offers plenary lectures discussing current issues and controversies as well as critically reviewing significant therapeutic developments. State-of-the-art data recognized by ESMO and other evidence-based guidelines will be cited.
Participants will deliver case presentations within tumour boards and small groups and discuss them with the chairs and the faculty. As for all Masterclasses, the number of participants will be limited and admission will be by competitive application only. Admitted participants will be granted free registration and half-board accommodation for the duration of the Masterclass.

• Improve medical oncologists’ skills
• Practicing case discussion
• Deep focus on breast, gastro-intestinal, genitourinary, gynaecological, head and neck and lung cancers
• Compact update on further topics of interest

• Breast cancer
• Gastro-intestinal cancers
• Genito-urinary cancers
• Gynaecological cancers
• Head and neck cancer
• Lung cancer

The Latin-American
Masterclass in
Clinical Oncology is an
ESO-ESMO joint event

Under the auspices of




M.S. Aapro, Clinique de Genolier, Genolier, CH
O. Arrieta, Instituto Nacional de Cancerologia (INcan), Mexico City, MX

M.T. Bourlon, Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán, Mexico City, MX
M. Campbell, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, US
F. Calvo, Clinica Universidad de Navarra, Madrid, ES
F. Cardoso, Champalimaud Cancer Center, Lisbon, PT
P. Casali, Fondazione IRCCS Istituto Nazionale Tumori, Milan, IT
F. Cavalli
, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Bellinzona, CH

A. Cervantes, University Clinical Hospital, Valencia, ES
G. Curigliano, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, IT
M. Del Pilar Estevez Diz, Instituto do Cancer do Estado de Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, BR
C.Z. Deneken, FUCAM, Mexico City, MX
E. Efstathiou
, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, US

S.X. Franco, Clinical del Country, Bogota, CO
J.F. Gallegos Hernández, Hospital de Oncologia, Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI, Mexico City, MX
F. Geara, The American University of Beirut Medical Center, Beirut, LB
M. Gomez Cuadra, Angeles del Carmen, Guadalajara, MX
F. Knaul
, University of Miami, Miami, US
E. Lazcano, El Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública, Cuernavaca, MX
S. Litière, European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer EORTC, Brussels, BE
A. Mohar Betancourt, National Cancer Institute, Mexico City, MX
N. Pavlidis
, University Hospital, Ioannina, GR

F.A. Peccatori, European School of Oncology and European Institute of Oncology, Milan, IT
F. Penault-Llorca, Centre Jean Perrin, Clermont-Ferrand, FR
S. Rivera Rivera, Centro Médico Nacional Siglo XXI and Sociedad Mexicana de Oncología, Mexico City, MX
E. Ruiz-Garcia, Instuto Nacional de Cancerologia, Mexico City, MX
J. Ruiz-Morales, Hospital Medica Sur, Mexico City, MX
V. Sacchini, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, IT
R.A. Stahel, University Hospital, Zurich, CH
R.M. Terra, University of São Paulo Medical School, São Paulo, BR
E. Van Cutsem, University Hospital Gasthuisberg, Leuven, BE
J.B. Vermorken, University Hospital Antwerp, Edegem, BE
G. Werutsky, Latin American Cooperative Oncology Group, Porto Alegre, BR

General information

European School of Oncology
Piazza Indipendeza 2, 6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland

Luis Carvalho, Ph: +41 91 820 09 58, E-mail: lcarvalho@eso.net
Alice Ciocchini, Ph +39 02 85464529, E-mail: aciocchini@eso.net

The Masterclass will be held in English and translation will not be provided.

Participants will be entitled to receive a certificate of attendance at the close of the Masterclass by completing the online evaluation questionnaire.
The event has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) to provide the following CME activity for medical specialists. The EACCME is an institution of the European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS). The evaluation of the event has been performed by the Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe (ACOE) that acknowledged the quality of the scientific programme and its educational value. The event is designated for a maximum of 33 European CME credits (ECMEC). Through an agreement between UEMS and the American Medical Association, physicians may convert EACCME credits to an equivalent number of AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™.
Furthermore, the conference has been accredited with 25 ESMO-MORA category 1 points.

The organisers bear no responsibility for untoward events in relation to the participation in the event. Participants and faculty members are advised to take their own personal and travel insurance coverage, take appropriate security measures and exercise caution in public places.

The ESO Clinical Training Centres Fellowship programme gives doctors who have specialized within the last 5 years the opportunity to request a training period of 3 or 6 months at one of the CTC Centres in Europe.
In Latin America only those who have taken part in the ESO-ESMO Latin-American Masterclass in Clinical Oncology and who meet the requirements can apply!
For further details please visit http://www.eso.net/varie/clinical-training-centres.html


Friday 20 April

Sponsored lecture 1: Bristol-Myers Squibb 

Today´s Role of Immuno-Oncology: From Statistical Significance to Clinical Benefit
S. Ponce, Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, Madrid, Spain

Saturday 21 April

Sponsored lecture 2: Roche

New Treatment Options for Patients with Lung Cancer
J.A. Alatorre Alexander, National Institute of Respiratory Diseases, Mexico City, Mexico


The Latin-American Masterclass in Clinical Oncology is funded by ESO and ESMO support with and unrestricted educational grants provided by BMS (Platinum sponsor), Roche (Platinum sponsor), Lilly (Gold sponsor) and Novartis (Gold sponsor) to whom ESO wishes to express its gratitude.


 18 April

 13:00   Lunch
14:15   Welcome and introduction   
Chairs and Coordinators                 
14:20   Spotlight session The magnitude of the cancer problem in my country
A. Mohar Betancourt, MX
14:55   Clinical session Genito-urinary cancers (I)   
Chair: E. Efstathiou, US
Prostate cancer:
    Active surveillance or watchful waiting
M. T. Bourlon, MX
    Local therapy: Surgery and radiotherapy   
F. Geara, LB
    First-line endocrine treatment  
E. Efstathiou, US
E. Efstathiou, US
  Coffee break 
17:30   Clinical session Genito-urinary cancers (II)   
Chair: J. Ruiz-Morales, MX
    Treatment of bladder cancer  
M. Campbell, US
Metastatic renal cancer: Evidence-based treatment  
J. Ruiz-Morales, MX
19:10   Tumour board Genito-urinary cancers  
Participants' case presentations
Faculty and tutor: J. Ruiz-Morales, MX
  Welcome dinner 


 19 April

8:30   Clinical session Breast cancer (I)   
Chair: G. Curigliano, IT
    What the clinician needs to know about breast pathology and sample quality  
F. Penault-Llorca, FR
    (Neo-) adjuvant chemotherapy and biological agents   
G. Curigliano, IT
    (Neo-) adjuvant endocrine therapy   
F. Cardoso, PT
    Optimal loco-regional management of breast cancer
V. Sacchini, IT         
 10:30   Coffee break   
  Clinical session Breast cancer (II)   
Chair: F. Cardoso, PT
    Recommended management of HER-2+ advanced breast cancer   
F. Cardoso, PT
    Recommended management for triple-negative advanced breast cancer   
G. Curigliano, IT
    Recommended management for ER+ advanced breast cancer   
S.X. Franco, CO
    ABC Global Alliance
F. Cardoso, PT
  Tumour board Breast cancer   
Participants’ case presentations
Moderator: M.S. Aapro, CH
Faculty and Tutor:
S.X. Franco, CO
13:30   Lunch
14:30   Spotlight session Clinical trial management   
Chair: F. Cardoso, PT
    The reality of clinical trials in Latin America
G. Werutsky, BR
    Critically assessing published clinical trials: The danger of bias and wrong interpretations
S. Litière, BE
  Coffee break  
16:20   Spotlight session Management of cancer in young women
F. Cardoso, PT
17:00   Spotlight session Fertility preservation and pregnancy in cancer patients
F.A. Peccatori, IT
  Spotlight session Management and treatment of toxicity
M.S. Aapro, CH
18:50   Diagonal approach in cancer care - How to organize cancer diagnosis and cure (video registration)
F. Knaul, US
    Comment and discussion by F. Cavalli


 20 April

  Clinical session Gynaecological cancers   
Chair: J.B. Vermorken, BE  
    New classification of gynaecological cancers
F. Penault Llorca, FR
    Ovarian cancer: Surgical and systemic treatment   
J.B. Vermorken, BE
    Cervical cancer: Primanry and secondary prevention   
E. Lazcano, MX 
    Cervical cancer: Systemic treatment    
M. Del Pilar Estevez Diz, BR
    Management of endometrial cancer  
J.B. Vermorken, BE
    Radiotherapy of gynaecological malignancies   
F. Geara, LB
11:20   Coffee break   
11:40   Tumour board Gynaecological cancers   
Participants’ case presentations
Faculty and Tutor: M. Del Pilar Estevez Diz, BR
  Spotlight session Cancer of unknown primary  
N. Pavlidis, GR
12:50   Lunch 
14:00   Clinical session Head and neck cancer   
Chair: J.B. Vermorken, BE
    When to operate?
J.F. Gallegos Hernandez, MX
    When to irradiate?
F. Calvo, ES
    Systemic therapy and radio-chemotherapy
J.B. Vermorken, BE
16:05   Tumour board Head and neck cancer   
Participants’ case presentations
Faculty and Tutor: J.F. Gallegos Hernandez, MX      
  Coffee break 
  Group sessions (four/five groups)   
Chairs and Coordinators, and regional tutor for each group Tutors:
S. Rivera Rivera, MX - E. Ruiz-Garcia, MX - M. Gomez Cuadra, MX - C.Z. Deneken, MX
Part I: Clinical case presentations by participants
Part II: Selected participants present their national situation ("How is cancer treated in my country")
 19:30   Sponsored lecture 1 (details are available in "General Information" section)


 21 April

  8:30   Clinical session Gastro-intestinal tumours (I)   
Chair: A. Cervantes, ES
    Adjuvant and neo-adjuvant treatment of colorectal cancer   
E. Van Cutsem, BE
    Systemic treatment in advanced disease (including liver)   
E. Van Cutsem, BE
  Coffee break   
  Clinical session Gastro-intestinal tumours (II)   
Chair: E. Van Cutsem, BE
    Management of early rectal cancer: Any role for adjuvant chemotherapy?   
A. Cervantes, ES
    Systemic treatment in early and advanced gastric cancers and esophageal cancer   
A. Cervantes, ES
    Pancreatic and biliary tract cancers   
E. Van Cutsem, BE
12:10   Tumour board Gastro-intestinal tumours  
Participants’ case presentations
Faculty and Tutor: E. Ruiz-Garcia, MX
 13:10   Lunch
  Spotlight session ESMO guidance on evaluation of treatment benefit
R.A. Stahel, CH
14:50   Spotlight session Has immunotherapy kept its promises in malignant lymphomas
F. Cavalli, CH
 15:30   Spotlight session Sarcoma and GIST
P. Casali, IT (videoconf.)
16:10   Coffee break  
16:30   Group sessions (four/five groups) 
Chairs and Coordinators, and regional tutor for each group Tutors:
S. Rivera Rivera, MX - E. Ruiz-Garcia, MX - M. Gomez Cuadra, MX - C.Z. Deneken, MX
Part I: Clinical case presentations by participants
Part II: Selected participants present their national situation ("How is cancer treated in my country")
 19:00   Sponsored lecture 2 (details are available in "General Information" section)
  Farewell dinner   


 22 April

 8:30   Clinical session Lung cancer (I)   
Chair: R.A. Stahel, CH  
F. Calvo, ES
    Non-small cell lung cancer systemic therapy   
R.A. Stahel, CH
    Small cell lung cancer   
R.A. Stahel, CH
10:30   Coffee break 
10:50   Clinical session Lung cancer (II)  
Chair: F. Penault-Llorca, FR
    Molecular classification of lung cancer for clinical practice
F. Penault-Llorca, FR
R.M Terra, BR
  Tumour board Lung cancer  
Participants’ case presentations
Chair: O. Arrieta, MX - Tutor: R. Terra, BR
  Learning assessment test   
  Lunch followed by departures