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ESGO-ENYGO-ESO Masterclass in Gynaecological Oncology

Not eligible for ESCO credits

14.06.2018  -  16.06.2018

Warsaw, Poland


Gynaecological cancers


Scientific and Organising Committe: D. Querleu, FR - K. Zalewski, PL - F. Peccatori, IT

After two successful previous editions [Madrid (2014), Lund (2016)], the ESGO-ENYGO-ESO Masterclass 2018 will present up-to-date, standardised knowledge of the multidisciplinary management of gynaecological cancers to future gynaecological oncologists. The course furthers the organisations’ key goal of harmonising gynaecological oncology training and education throughout Europe.

• Entire curriculum focused on gynae-oncological subspecialty theory
• State of the art lectures, video sessions, and interactive tumour boards
• Tracks on pelvic anatomy, diagnosis and treatment of cervical, vulvar, endometrial, and ovarian cancers
• Miscellaneous topics : perioperative and supportive care, fertility preservation, management of treatment complications, and palliative care
• Case reports presented by participants and interactively discussed at each track
• International faculty

This full-immersion, clinically oriented, multidisciplinary event offers plenary lectures regarding state-of-the-art clinical evaluation and treatments with reference to clinical guidelines. State-of-the-art lectures will be combined with practical video presentations of surgical approaches and tumour boards. This year, following previous participants’ feedback, discussion and tumour board time will be extended. In addition, to make the event even more interactive, we invite attendees to send us their own clinical cases (3-5 slides) prior to the course. Selected participants will have a unique opportunity to present and discuss their case study.
After the Masterclass, participants will have a full picture of the basics of different gynaecological cancers, their treatment, and care in compliance with the ESGO-defi ned standards of training in gynaecological oncology.


Held in cooperation with


Denis Querleu, ESGO President Elect, Bordeaux, France
Kamil Zalewski, Local Chair, ENYGO Executive Group member, Kielce, Poland
Fedro Peccatori, ESO Scientific Director, Milan, Italy

D. Querleu, ESGO President, Institut Bergonié Cancer Center, Bordeaux, FR
F. Peccatori, ESO Scientific Director, Department of Gynaecologic Oncology of the European Institute of Oncology, Milan, IT
K. Zalewski, ENYGO President, Department of Gynecologic Oncology, Holycross Cancer Center, Kielce, Poland, Warsaw Medical University, PL
D. Cibula, ESGO Past President, Gynaecology Oncology Center, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Charles University Prague, CZ
A. Fagotti, Member of ESGO Council, Fondazione Policlinico A. Gemelli/Catholic University of the Sacred Heart, Rome, IT
C. Fotoloulou, Member of ESGO Council, Department Of Gynecology, Imperial College London, NHS Trust, UK
M. J. Halaska, Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, 3rd Medical Faculty, Charles University in Prague and Faculty Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, CZ
D. Lindquist, ENYGO Vice-President, SE
R. Jach, Chair, Gynecology and Endocrinology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University Hospital in Krakow, Poland, Jagiellonian University, PL
P. Knapp, Member of ESGO Council, Department of Gynaecology and Gynaecologic Oncology, Medical University of Bialystok, PL
R. Madry, Poznan University Of Medical Sciences, PL
M. Mirza, Member of ESGO Council, Core Faculty, European School of Oncology, Department of Oncology, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen, DK

General information

ESGO Office
Palace YMCA, Na Porici 12/1041
110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic
Email: masterclass2018@esgomail.org
Event website:

The ideal Masterclass candidate is a trainee or fellow in gynaecological oncology who holds ENYGO membership and speaks fluent English.
The Masterclass will be held at the auditorium of the Medical University of Warsaw, Poland.
Course attendance is limited to 80 participants; registrations will be treated on a first-come-first-served basis. Priority will be given to people who have not yet participated in a Masterclass. The official course language is English.


Attendees are responsible for their own travel arrangements.

Airport Hotel Okecie, ul. 17 Stycznia 24, 02-146 Warszawa, Poland

Accommodation for 2 nights in a double room, in a standard hotel in the vicinity of the course venue will be arranged and covered by ESGO from Thursday, June 14 (check in) until Saturday, June 16, 2016 (check out).

In case that you need an extra night (paid directly by yourself) on the day before/after the workshop, we can arrange that directly with the hotel. In such a case be so kind and inform us in due time.


 14 June

 12:00   Registration
13:00   Welcome ESGO/ENYGO/ESO
D. Querleu, FR - F. Peccatori, IT - K.Zalewski, PL
PELVIC ANATOMY applied to gynaecological cancer surgery
Chair: A. Fagotti, IT
13:15   Surgical spaces, lymphatic drainage, nerves, topography
D. Querleu, FR
Chairs: A. Fagotti, IT - D. Querleu, FR
13:35   Epidemiology and histopathology of cervical cancer
R. Jach, PL
13:55   Ultrasound, MRI, staging in cervical cancer
M. Halaska, CZ
14:20   Management of early invasive carcinoma (Stage IA1, IA2, IB1, IIA1)
D. Cibula, CZ
14:40   Management of locally advanced cervical carcinoma (IB2, >IIA2)
R. Jach, PL
15:00   Management of primary metastatic, persistent and recurrent cervical cancer
R. Madry, PL
15:30   Lunch
Chairs: M. Halaska, CZ - R. Jach, PL
16:30   Video of laparoscopic pelvic lymphadenectomy
A. Fagotti, IT
16:40   Video of radical hysterectomy (including nerve sparing)
D. Cibula, CZ
16:50   Fertility sparing procedures in cervical carcinoma (trachelectomy, NAC)
M. Halaska, CZ
17:10   Workshop 1: Presentation of selected clinical cases by participants with discussion
Chairs: D. Lindquist, SE - D. Cibula, CZ
17:30   Tumor board: Cervical cancer (IB2, IIIB, recurrence)
Discutants: D. Lindquist, SE - D. Cibula, CZ - D. Querleu, FR - R. Jach, PL - D. Cibula, CZ - R. Madry, PL - F. Peccatori, IT - A. Fagotti, IT - M. Halaska, CZ
18:10   Discussion
18:30   End of the day


 15 June

Chairs: P. Knapp, PL - A. Fagotti, IT
9:00   Epidemiology and histopathology of vulvar cancer
Local pathologist
9:15   Primary treatment of early stage vulvar cancer
K. Zalewski, PL
9:35   Management of advanced stage and recurrent vulvar cancer
M. Mirza, DK
10:00   Video: Radical vulvectomy and groin node dissection, SLNM
M. Halaska, CZ
10:10   Workshop 2: Presentation of selected clinical cases by participants with discussion
Chairs: M.Mirza, DK - K. Zalewski, PL
10:30   Tumor board: Vulvar cancer (IB, IIIA, recurrence)
Discutants: A. Fagotti, IT - P. Knapp, PL - D. Cibula, CZ - M. Halaska, CZ - K. Zalewski, PL - M.Mirza, DK
11:00   Coffee break
Chairs: F. Peccatori, IT - Ch. Fotopoulou, UK
11:30   Epidemiology and histopathology of hyperplasia and endometrial cancer
Local pathologist
11:50   Diagnosis and staging of endometrial cancer
P. Knapp, PL
12:10   Surgical management of endometrial cancer
D. Querleu, FR
12:30   Adjuvant treatment of endometrial cancer
M. Mirza, DK
13:00   Overview of treatment of advanced, recurrent or metastatic endometrial cancer
R. Madry, PL
13:30   Lunch
Chairs: F. Peccatori, IT - Ch.Fotopoulou, UK
14:00   Video: Open paraaortic lymphadenectomy
Ch. Fotopoulou, UK
14:15   Video: Laparoscopic paraaortic lymphadenectomy
D. Querleu, FR
14:30   Fertility preserving options in endometrial cancer
P. Knapp, PL
14:50   Diagnosis and management of uterine sarcoma
M. Halaska, CZ
15:10   Coffee break
16:00   Workshop 3: Presentation of selected clinical cases by participants with discussion
Chairs: D. Cibula, CZ - D. Lindquist, SE
16:20   Tumor board: endometrial cancer (IBG2, IIIA, recurrence)
Discutants: D. Cibula, CZ - D. Lindquist, SE - D. Querleu, FR - M. Mirza, DK - Ch. Fotopoulou, UK - R. Madry, PL - M. Halaska, CZ - P. Knapp, PL - F. Peccatori, IT - A. Fagotti, IT
 17:00   Discussion
 17:20   Familial Gynaecological Cancer - risk assessment and management
F. Peccatori, IT
 17:50   Perioperative care
Ch. Fotopoulou, UK
 18:10   End of the day


 16 June

Chairs: D. Lindquist, SE - F. Peccatori, IT
9:00   Symptom control and pain management (palliative care)
A. Fagotti, IT
9:30   Management of surgical complications
D. Cibula, CZ
9:50   Supportive care and management of side effects of chemotherapy (incl. targeted therapy)
R. Madry, PL
Chairs: Ch. Fotopoulou, UK - R. Madry, PL
10:10   Epidemiology and histopathology of ovarian cancer
Local pathologist
10:30   Diagnosis and staging of ovarian cancer
A. Fagotti, IT
10:50   Surgical management of primary and recurrent ovarian cancer
D.Querleu, FR
12:30   Coffee break
13:00   Video: surgical procedures in advanced ovarian cancer
Ch. Fotopoulou, UK
13:20   Adjuvant treatment in early, advanced and recurrent ovarian cancer
M. Mirza, DK
14:00   Management of non-epithelial ovarian malignancies
F. Peccatori, IT
14:20   Workshop 4: Presentation of selected clinical cases by participants with discussion
Ch. Fotopoulou, UK - M. Mirza, DK
14:40   Tumor board: ovarian cancer
Discutants: D. Querleu, FR - Ch. Fotopoulou, UK - D. Cibula, CZ - F. Peccatori, IT - R. Madry, PL - M. Mirza, DK
15:10   Discussion
15:30   Closing remarks
D. Querleu, FR - F. Peccatori, IT - K. Zalewski, PL