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The concept behind the meeting is to explore the possibility of setting up a weekly, national tumour board with a database to record all cases.



5 May

9:00Opening remarks
Xheladin Dracini, AL - Alexandru Eniu, CH - Albana Fico , AL - Ogerta Manasterliu , AL - Helidon Nina, AL - Simon Oberst, BE - Virpi Sulosaari, FI
9:30MDT how it develops, its importance and local chalenge, second different services - Moderators -Alex Eniu, CH - Albana Fico, AL - Anila Godo, AL
 9:30Breast and melanoma
Helidon Nina, AL
 9:45Pulmonary disease
Silva Bala , AL - Hasan Hafizi , AL
 10:00Gastro intestinal tract
Adriana Babameto, AL
 10:15Urinary tract
Aurel Janku, AL
 10:30Oncological paediatric disease
Anila Godo, AL
 10:45UHC Management elements - Their impact on the improvement of MDT
Albana Fico , AL
11:15Coffee break
11:30Role of essential elements in MDT: Moderators - Xheladin Dracini, AL - Helidon Nina, AL -Virpi Sulosaari,FI
Xheladin Dracini, AL
Xheladin Dracini, AL
Durim Cela, AL
Majlinda Ikonomi, AL
 12:00MDT, pros and cons
Anila Pema, AL
 12:10Modern radiotherapy
Orges Spahiu, AL
Anila Babameto, AL
12:30How to build a successful and functioning multidisciplinary tumor board
Simon Oberst, BE
13:00Integrating multidisciplinarity: the concept of multidisciplinary care and the breast units
Alexandru Eniu, CH
14:30Role of the breast nurse in the multidisciplinary tumour board team
Virpi Sulosaari, FI
14:45Role of patient advocates in promoting multidisciplinary work in cancer
Tanja Spanic, SI
15:00Clinical cases on breast and ovarian cancer presented by the local team- Moderators - Adriana Babameto,AL- Hasan Hafizi-AL
 15:00Breast cancer
Helidon Nina, AL
 15:30Ovarian cancer
Enkelejda A. Çuedari, AL
 16:00Prostate cancer
Fatjona Kraja, AL
16:30Round table discussion: Building a ( national ) multidisciplinary tumor board in Albania: next steps


Adriana Babameto, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Gastroenterology and Hepatology Service, Tirana, AL
Anila Babameto, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Laboratory of Medical Genetics, Tirana, AL
Silva Bala, Shefqet Ndroqi Hospital, Pneumonology Service, Tirana, AL
Durim Cela, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Radiology Service, Tirana, AL
Enkelejda A. Çuedari, University Hospital Centre "Mother Teresa", Dept. of Oncology, Tirana, AL
Xheladin Dracini, Tirana Medical University, Dean's Department, Tirana, AL
Alexandru Eniu, Riviera-Chablais Hospital, Interdisciplinary Oncology Service, Rennaz, CH
Albana Fico, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Directors Office, Tirana, AL
Anila Godo, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Oncology and Hematology Service, Tirana, AL
Hasan Hafizi, University Hospital “Shefqet Ndroqi”, Lung Department, Tirana, AL
Majlinda Ikonomi, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Pathology Service, Tirana, AL
Aurel Janku, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Urinary Service, Tirana, AL
Fatjona Kraja, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Oncology Department, Tirana, AL
Ogerta Manasterliu, Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Health and Social Welfare, Tirana, AL
Helidon Nina, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Oncology Department, Tirana, AL
Simon Oberst, Organisation of European Cancer Institutes, Quality and Accreditation, Brussels, BE
Anila Pema, Mother Theresa Hospital, Oncology Department, Tirana, AL
Orges Spahiu, Mother Teresa University Hospital, Dept. of Radiation Therapy, Tirana, AL
Tanja Spanic, Europa Donna Slovenia, Patient Advocacy Dpt., Ljubljana, SI
Virpi Sulosaari, Turku University of Applied Sciences, Dept. of Health and Well-Being, Turku, FI