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Geographic Regions

ESO’s teaching activities are principally held in Europe, however our boundaries are cultural rather than regional and so the following areas are included:

  • The European Union
  • The non-EU European Countries (non-EU Balkans, Norway, Switzerland and UK)
  • The Eurasia region (essentially the former USSR)
  • Countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea (Middle East and North Africa)
  • Central and South America (Latin America)

Eastern Europe Programme

In recent years ESO has strategically focused more on Eastern Europe with the creation of a specific Eastern European Programme.

Evidence shows significant outcome differences in terms of survival and access to care between Eastern and Western Europe. ESO is committed to helping reduce this gap and has been present in the region since 2010 with its annual Masterclass, giving medical and clinical oncologists access to a multidisciplinary approach to education. Further dedicated activities have been developed specifically for the region, these include:

Visiting Professorship meetings - a professor from Western Europe is invited to visit an Eastern European hospital and deliver lessons that cover specific needs from the area.
Centres in Eastern Europe can request a visiting professorship. Further details here.

Refresher Courses – leading on from the Masterclass, these courses provide an update on the state-of-the-art therapeutic options and latest advances in the field on one of the main masterclass tumour types: Breast, Lung, Gastro Intestinal, Genito Urinary, Gynaecology.



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