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Visiting Professorship

The European School of Oncology gives support to clinical institutes to propose Visiting Professorship Meetings (VPM).

Local institutes can apply using the template below, asking for a Professor to go to their hospital and deliver lessons that cover specific needs for the area.
The clinical institute should be a renowned centre of reference for clinical oncology in the region, whose medical team is interested in attending and actively participating in an internal educational meeting held in English (if necessary, translation can be provided by the local institute).
The Visiting Professor is a renowned expert in the clinical oncology topic and can adequately focus on the tumour type and discipline. Typically, a VPM is organised focusing on a tumour type (e.g. prostate cancer) by a defined discipline (e.g. radiation oncology)

The selection will be made from suitable proposals on a first-come/first-served basis.

The Host Chair and local clinical institute are responsible for organising onsite arrangements necessary to host the VPM; The European School of Oncology provides support to help with the expenses.

Please find further information here.
Please, return your application form (download here) to dknupfer@eso.net

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