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WOF 2012 Partecipants

Expert participants were invited based on the following criteria:

  • Leading cancer clinicians and researchers as evidenced by impact factor, presentations at leading conferences and membership of boards of regional/international organisations;
  • Advocacy leaders who represent important patient organisations;
  • 105 participants and observers from 28 countries worldwide.

Mr. Cary Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Union for International Cancer Control, Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Benjamin O. Anderson, Chair and Director, Breast Health Global Initiative (BHGI); Director, Breast Health Clinic, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance; Professor of Surgery and Global Health Medicine, University of Washington; Full Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle, USA
Prof. Jean Pierre Armand, Senior consultant, Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute and Curie Institute, Paris, France
Prof. Rifat Atun, Professor of International Health Management, Imperial College Business School and Faculty of Medicine; Head, Health Management Group, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Prof. Rajendra A. Badwe, Director, Tata Memorial Centre, Department of Surgical Oncology, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, India
Dr. Dominik R. Berthold, Associate Physician, Medical Oncology, Multidisciplinary Oncology Center, Vaudois University Hospital, Lausanne, Switzerland
Dr. Mauro Bianchi, Director and Medical Advisor, Helsinn Healthcare, Lugano, Switzerland
Prof. Jim Bishop, Executive Director of Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre and Professor of Cancer Medicine, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia
Dr. Rolando Camacho, Head, Programme of Action for Cancer Therapy of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria
Mr. Geoffrey Cannon, World Cancer Research Fund International, London, United Kingdom and School of Public Health, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Dr. Fatima Cardoso, European School of Oncology and Director, Breast Cancer Unit, Champalimaud Cancer Center, Lisbon, Portugal
Prof. Franco Cavalli, Chairman of the Scientific Committee, European School of Oncology, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Dr. Eduardo Cazap, Immediate Past-President, Union for International Cancer Control, Geneva, Switzerland; Founder President, Latin American & Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology and Executive Council, National Cancer Institute, Ministry of Health of Argentina, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Prof. Julio Celis, Associate Scientific Director, Danish Cancer Society Research Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Prof. Thomas Cerny, Director, Medical Oncology Department, Cantonal Hospital, St. Gallen and President Cancer Research Foundation Switzerland (KFS), Switzerland
Mr. Brad Cole, Chief Operating Officer, Genomic Health, Redwood City, USA
Prof. Michel Coleman, Professor of Epidemiology and Vital Statistics, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, London, United Kingdom
Dr. Alberto Costa, Scientific Director and CEO, European School of Oncology, Milan, Italy
Dr. Andrea De Censi, Director, Medical Oncology Department, Galliera Hospitals, Genoa, Italy
Prof. Alexander M.M. Eggermont, General Director, Gustave Roussy Cancer Institute, Villejuif, France
Dr. Elizabeth Eisenhauer, Head, Department of Oncology, Queen's University and Program Medical Director for Oncology, Cancer Center of Southeastern Ontario, Kingston General Hospital, Kingston, Canada
Prof. Sara Faithfull, Professor of Cancer Nursing Practice, Division of Health and Social Care, University of Surrey, Guilford, United Kingdom
Dr. Margaret Foti, Chief Executive Officer, American Association for Cancer Research, Philadelphia, USA
Ms. Pat Garcia-Gonzalez, Executive Director, The Max Foundation, Edmonds, USA
Prof. Michele Ghielmini, Medical Director, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Prof. Mary Gospodarowicz, Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University of Toronto; Medical Director, Princess Margaret Cancer Center, Toronto, Canada and President, Union for International Cancer Control, Geneva, Switzerland
Prof. Douglas Hanahan, Director, Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne, Switzerland
Prof. Axel R. Hanauske, VP Medical Europe, Australia & Canada, Eli Lilly, Bad Homburg, Germany
Dr. Richard Horton, Editor-in-Chief, The Lancet, London, United Kingdom
Prof. John P.A. Ioannidis, Director, Stanford Prevention Research Center and Professor of Medicine, and of Health Research and Policy, Stanford University School of Medicine, and Professor of Statistics, Stanford University School of Humanities and Sciences, Stanford, USA
Prof. Peter W.M. Johnson, Chief Clinician and Professor of Medical Oncology, Cancer Research UK, London, United Kingdom
Prof. Yibin Kang, Warner-Lambert Parke-Davis Professor of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, USA
Prof. Bella Kaufman, Professor of Oncology, The Sackler Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University and Head, Breast Cancer Unit of Oncology Division, The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, Israel
Prof. Stan Kaye, Professor of Medical Oncology, Drug Development Unit, The Royal Marsden, Sutton and Chairman, Section of Medicine, The Institute of Cancer Research, London, United Kingdom
Prof. Nora Kearney, Professor of Nursing and Cancer Care in the School of Nursing and Midwifery of University of Dundee, United Kingdom
Dr. Samir Khleif, Director, Georgia Health Sciences University Cancer Center, Augusta, USA
Prof. Felicia M. Knaul, Director, Harvard Global Equity Initiative and Co-Director, Global Task Force on Expanded Access to Cancer Care and Control in Developing Countries, Boston, USA
Prof. Peter Krammer, Division of Immunogenetics, German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg, Germany
Mrs. Stella Kyriakides, President, Europa Donna Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus and Member of Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly, Strasbourg, France
Dr. Agustin Lage, General Director, Center of Molecular Immunology, Havana, Cuba
Prof. Mark P. M. Lawler, Interlocutor, European Perspectives, The Oncologist, European Edition, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Prof. T. Andrew Lister, Medical Oncology, St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom
Dr. Richard R. Love, Scientific Director, International Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Madison, USA and Amader Gram, Khulna, Bangladesh
Dr. Mauricio Magalhães Costa, President, Latin American Federation of Mastology, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Prof. Ian Magrath, President and Medical and Scientific Director, International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research, Brussels, Belgium
Prof. Markus G. Manz, Director, Hematology Department, University Hospital, Zurich, Switzerland
Prof. Sir Alexander F. Markham, Professor of Medicine, University of Leeds; Director, Molecular Medicine Unit, St James's University Hospital and Chairman, NHS Connecting for Health Research Capability Programme, Leeds, United Kingdom
Prof. Rolf Marti, Head, Scientific Office, Swiss Cancer League, Bern, Switzerland
Prof. Alex Matter, Chief Executive Officer, Experimental Therapeutics Center, A*STAR - Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore, Singapore
Dr. Olufunmilayo F. Olopade, Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor and Associate Dean, Global Health, University of Chicago Medical Center, Chicago, USA
Dr. Olivia Pagani, Clinical Director, Breast Unit of Southern Switzerland and Coordinator of Clinical Research and Breast Cancer Medical Treatment, Institute of Oncology of Southern Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Dr. Max Parkin, Clinical Trials Service Unit and Epidemiological Studies Unit, University of Oxford and International Network for Cancer Treatment and Research African Registry Programme, Oxford, United Kingdom
Prof. Nicholaos Pavlidis, Professor of Medical Oncology, School of Medicine, Ioannina University and Head, Department of Medical Oncology, Ioannina University Hospital, Ioannina, Greece
Prof. Fedro Alessandro Peccatori, Director, Fertility & Procreation in Oncology Unit, Department of Medicine, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy
Prof. Pier Giuseppe Pelicci, Director, Experimental Oncology Department, European Institute of Oncology, Milan, Italy
Dr. Andreas Penk, Country Lead Germany and President Oncology Europe, Pfizer, Berlin, Germany
Prof. Sir Richard Peto, Professor of Medical Statistics & Epidemiology and Co-Director, Clinical Trial Service Unit, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Prof. Herbert M. Pinedo, Professor-emeritus of Medical Oncology, Free University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Visiting Professor, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, USA
Prof. Michael Pollak, Alexander-Goldfarb Research Chair in Medical Oncology; Director, Division of Cancer Prevention, Department of Oncology, McGill University and Director, Cancer Prevention Centre, Segal Cancer Centre, Jewish General Hospital, Montreal, Canada
Prof. Sir Bruce Ponder, Director and Professor of Oncology, Cancer Research UK Cambridge Research Institute, Cambridge, United Kingdom
Dr. Razvan Popescu, Head, Department of Medical Oncology, Hirslanden Clinic Aarau and Co-chair, Tumor Center, Aarau, Switzerland
Prof. You Lin Qiao, Director, Department of Cancer Epidemiology, Cancer Institute/Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College and Cancer Foundation of China, Beijing, China
Ms. Kathy Redmond, Editor, Cancer World Magazine, European School of Oncology, Lugano, Switzerland
Dr. Raul Ribeiro, Director, International Outreach Program, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, USA
Prof. Sir Michael Richards, National Clinical Director for Cancer and End of Life Care, London, United Kingdom
Prof. Ulrik Ringborg, Professor Emeritus of Oncology, Cancer Center, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Prof. Jae Kyung Roh, Director, Cancer Metastasis Research Center, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, South Korea
Dr. Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan, Head, Early Detection & Prevention Section and Head, Screening Group, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Lyon, France
Prof. Hideyuki Saya, Professor, Division of Gene Regulation, Institute for Advanced Medical Research, Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan
Dr. Jacob Scott, Research Fellow, Integrative Mathematical Oncology, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute, Tampa, USA and Oxford University Centre for Mathematical Biology, Oxford, United Kingdom
Dr. John R. Seffrin, Chief Executive Officer, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Atlanta, USA
Prof. Khee-Chee Soo, founding Director, National Cancer Centre and Professor, Duke – National University of Singapore Graduate Medical School, Singapore
Prof. Rolf Stahel, Professor, Clinic of Oncology, University Hospital, Zurich; President, European Thoracic Oncology Platform, Bern and President Elect, European Society for Medical Oncology, Lugano, Switzerland
Prof. Richard Sullivan, Professor, Kings Health Partners Integrated Cancer Centre, King's College and Director, Institute of Cancer Policy NHS, London, United Kingdom
Prof. Kazuo Tajima, Director, Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute, Nagoya, Japan
Dr. Ian F. Tannock, Daniel E. Bergsagel Professor of Medical Oncology, Princess Margaret Hospital, University of Toronto and Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto, Canada
Prof. Vivien Tsu, Director, HPV Vaccines Project, PATH and Professor of Epidemiology, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
Dr. Andreas W.H. Ullrich, Medical Officer Cancer Control, Department of Chronic Diseases and Health Promotion, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland
Dr. Carlos Vallejos Sologuren, Director, “Oncosalud”, Lima, Peru and President, Latin American & Caribbean Society of Medical Oncology, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Prof. Umberto Veronesi, Scientific Director, European Institute of Oncology, and Founder, European School of Oncology, Milan, Italy
Prof. Paolo Vineis, Chair, Environmental Epidemiology, Medical Research Council /Health Protection Agency Centre for Environment and Health, School of Public Health, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom
Prof. David G. Zaridze, Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Prevention, Blokhin Cancer Research Centre, Moscow, Russia and Visiting Professor of Epidemiology, Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit, University of Oxford, United Kingdom
Dr. Emanuele Zucca, Chairman of the International Extranodal Lymphoma Study Group and Head of the Lymphoma Unit, Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland, Bellinzona, Switzerland


Dr. Adriana Albini, Director, Oncology Research, IRCCS MultiMedica, Milan, Italy
Dr. Afsan Bhadelia, Research Associate, Harvard Global Equity Initiative, Boston, USA
Dr. Nelido Gonzalez, National Institute of Oncology and RadioBiology, La Habana, Cuba
Prof. Giorgio Noseda, Member, Foundation Council and Executive Committee, Institute for Research in Biomedicine and Vice-President, Foundation Council, European School of Oncology Foundation, Bellinzona, Switzerland
Dr. Sandro Rusconi, Director, Culture and University Studies Division, Canton Ticino, Bellinzona, Switzerland


Journalists were invited to the World Oncology Forum to play the role of devil’s advocate, subjecting the discussions to outside scrutiny. The criterion for being invited was a strong track record of reporting cancer stories.
Sixteen journalists attended from nine countries:

Bernhard Albrecht, Der Spiegel and freelance, Hamburg, Germany
Ulrich Bahnsen, Science Correspondence, Die Zeit, Hamburg, Germany
Sarah Boseley, Health Editor of The Guardian, London, United Kingdom
Steve Connor, Science Editor, The Independent, London, United Kingdom
Clive Cookson, Science Editor, Financial Times, London, United Kingdom
Masaru Fujita, Staff Writer, Health and Medical News Department, Yomiuri Shimbun, Tokyo, Japan
Clifton Leaf, Staff Editor, The Op-Ed Page and Sunday Review, The New York Times, New York, USA
Theres Lüthi, Science Editor, NZZ am Sontag, Zurich, Switzerland
Mayka Sanchez, Journalist, El Pais, Madrid, Spain
Juan Shan, Health Journalist, China Daily, Beijing, China
Felix Straumann, Science Editor, Tages-Anzeiger, Zurich, Switzerland
Rabiya S. Tuma, Science Writer, The Economist and freelance, San Francisco, USA
Donata Francese, “Consulenti Associati”, Milan, Italy
Vera Martinella, Il Corriere della Sera, Milan, Italy
Daniela Ovadia, Fondamentale, Milan, Italy
Anna Wagstaff, Cancer World, Italy