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  Highlights of the World Oncology Forum (WOF) - Cancer and global health: from research to policy
E-session 419
  WOF 2017 Overview
“Can global barriers to meeting the cancer challenge be overcome?”
  Franco Cavalli: «Policy makers must be more engaged in the fight against cancer»
The World Oncology Forum in Lugano, Switzerland, in October set a global challenge to address the growing threat from cancer in middle and low income countries. In the first of a series of short videos, WOF chair Franco Cavalli, explains what the Forum is seeking to do.
  Freddie Bray: «Four in five countries cannot accurately report cancer deaths»
Countries across the world need to prepare for a 60% rise in cancer cases over the next two decades. Freddie Bray Head of Cancer Surveillance at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) told the World Oncology Forum in Lugano that countries need better data if they are to plan more effective action.
  Rifat Atun: Seven point strategy to tackle global cancer
Rifat Atun, Director of Global Health Systems at Harvard, warns the cancer community they must heal fragmented delivery and financing systems to tackle cancer worldwide. He summarises a seven point strategy from the World Oncology Forum to boost innovation and service delivery and to achieve impact at scale.
  Mary Gospodarowicz: «We need a ‘can-do’ attitude to global cancer control»
I absolutely hate the assumption that cancer is too complicated for us to act. In fact probably cancer care and control is much less complicated than running the infrastructure in Mumbai, or London or Manhattan.
  Princess Dina Mired: «Support developing countries to make cancer control plans»
Princess Dina Mired of Jordan is calling on the international cancer community to change the way it supports low- and middle-income countries to combat cancer. International support must start from the needs and priorities of the country and help to create achievable action plans.
  Richard Sullivan: «How about a 5% levy on research to boost global cancer aid?»
High-income countries need to target cancer when allocating health care funds to emerging and low income countries, says Richard Sullivan, Professor of Cancer and Global Health at Kings College London. He proposes that those funding research programmes in richer countries should pay a 5% donations levy to support cancer services in the developing world.
  Sharon Kapambwe: Meet the team, not just the Minister to support cancer strategies
Global cancer programmes and projects must pay greater attention to national priorities and structures when they offer support to developing countries, says the doctor responsible for efforts to reduce women’s cancer in Zambia.
  Tito Fojo: Cancer drugs not delivering on their potential
New drugs being approved for treatment of patients with cancer are providing an average of only 2.5 months of extra life, a leading researcher has told the World Oncology Forum (WOF). Tito Fojo, Professor of Medicine at Columbia University, New York, and a former principal investigator for the National Cancer Institute, said that the clinical trials system was largely delivering marginal benefits to patients at great cost.



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