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Host Chair   Visiting professor

N. Talibova, AZ

M. Lambertini, IT

Within the Eastern Europe Programme, the European School of Oncology makes support available for Clinical Institutes in the region to propose a Visiting Professorship Meeting (VPM).
The Clinical Institute is a renowned centre of reference for clinical oncology in the region, whose medical team is interested in attending and actively participating in an internal educational meeting held in English.
The medical/clinical oncology team of the host institute is invited by the Host Chair and attendance is
free of charge. Participants from other institutes are also invited to attend.
The Visiting Professor is a renowned expert in the clinical oncology topic and can adequately focus on the tumour type and discipline.



Dolores Knupfer
European School of Oncology
Piazza Indipendenza, 2
6500 Bellinzona, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 91 820 09 52
Email: dknupfer@eso.net

National Center of Oncology


18 April

11:30NCO visit
12:15Meeting with NCO director
12:45Welcome address and introduction of the Visiting Professor
Narmin Talibova, AZ
13:00Reconstructions with pedicled flaps in breast cancer patients after mastectomy
Javid Garibov, AZ
13:15Current status and future perspectives of breast cancer in the European and international setting
Matteo Lambertini, IT
13:45Epidemiology and local diagnostic and treatment guidelines
Tunzala Mammadova, AZ
14:15Pathological aspects of breast cancer
Bahadur Abbasov, AZ
14:30BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 mutations in Azerbaijan populations
Leylakhanim Melikova, AZ
14:45Head to head comparison 68GaFAPI and 18FDG PET/CT imaging in breast carcinoma: randomized prospective clinical trial
Fuad Novruzov, AZ
15:00The role of surgery in breast cancer
Samir Gurbanov, AZ
15:15The role of systemic therapy in breast cancer
Matteo Lambertini, IT
15:45Clinical cases presented by the medical team of the host center
Matteo Lambertini, IT - Narmin Talibova, AZ

19 April

10:00Multidisciplinary care in breast cancer and the role of breast cancer unit
Matteo Lambertini, IT
10:30Fertility and pregnancy-related issues in young breast cancer patients
Matteo Lambertini, IT
11:00Pregnancy-associated breast cancer case discussion
11:30Clinical cases presented by the medical team of the host center
Matteo Lambertini, IT - Narmin Talibova, AZ


Bahadur Abbasov, National Oncology Center, Pathocytomorphological Laboratory, Baku, AZ
Javid Garibov, National Oncology Center, Department of General Oncology, Baku, AZ
Samir Gurbanov, National Oncology Center, Department of General Oncology, Baku, AZ
Matteo Lambertini, Policlinico San Martino Hospital – University of Genoa, Medical Oncology Department, U.O.C. Clinica di Oncologia Medica, Genoa, IT
Tunzala Mammadova, National Oncology Center, Department of Diagnosis and Treatment of Precancerous Diseases, Baku, AZ
Leylakhanim Melikova, National Oncology Center, Laboratory of Molecular Oncology, Baku, AZ
Fuad Novruzov, National Oncology Center, Department of Nuclear Medicine, Baku, AZ
Narmin Talibova, National Oncology Center, Chemotherapy Dept., Baku, AZ